The Rules

 مرکز بازی های فکری

Like every game ,this one also has it’s rules :

You are a team and for that reason you have to communicate with each other and also co-operate.


Being observative is one of the most important principle . Search everywhere , even in places that seem empty and of no meaning .


By having only 60 minutes at your disposal , you have to deal with time wisely and don’t waste your time looking for nothing .


  Imagination is your ally . Nothing is placed by accident inside the room . Try to combine clues and imagine how you can use them at your benefit .

  The scenario is what we call linear . One clue leads you one step beyond .

In no case should you panic . But even if that happens , there is a panic button in all rooms . if this panic button is pressed , the game stops and you can get out of the room immediately .


Throughout the entire duration of the game , you have a friend outside the room . That friend is the game master . He will help you when you ask him to . You have to use his hints cleverly , so that the meaning of his presence really matters .


  Playing means having fun . So just have fun with your friends and forget all the rest .


Each member of the team has different potentials . Let’s anyone do what he / she is good at .


Use every part of your brain . Be smart , resourceful and use combined thinking . The solution is before your eyes .

Have Fun